Unwind and indulge yourself with ultimate pampering!
We love bringing you luxurious and therapeutic treatments for your hands and feet. With unparalleled service and friendly environment you simply need to kick-back, relax and enjoy the pampering “ME” time.

Replenish your tiresome hand & feet with our range of exquisite services that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and fabulous!

  • Classic Manicure & Pedicure
  • Luxury Mani & Pedi SPA
  • Relax’Oh Hand & Feet Massage
  • Dry Cuticles / Brittle / Yellow Nail Repair Treatment
  • Hot Stone Mani & Pedi SPA
  • Lava Shell Mani & Pedi SPA
  • Reflexology Hand & Feet
  • Ayurvedic "POTLI" Feet Massage
  • Ionic "DETOX" Foot Spa
  • Collagen - Wrinkle Tone Hand Lift
  • Paraffin Hand & Foot Bath
  • Enzyme Whitening Therapy
  • AHA De-Pigmentation Therapy
  • Elbow & Knees Therapy for Dark Patches, Dryness or Flaky Skin
  • Swarovski Nail Crystal
  • Nail Piercing

We strive for a hygienic and welcoming space to offer you a relaxing and enjoyable nail spa experience.