Our slimming, body shaping and firming program adopts a combination of modern hi-tech aesthetic technologies which involves advanced slimming equipment, specialized massages, heat & detox wraps that are designed for those looking to lose inches & weight, tone up and minimize cellulite.


  • EMS – Electronic Muscle Stimulator
  • Transion Muscular Slimming & Firming
  • Cavitation Vaccum Slimming
  • Fat Loss Manual Massages
  • Vibratory Localized Slimming
  • Media Press Lymphatic Drainage

A minimum of 12 sessions is recommended for desired and efficient results.

Our Designer menu targets:

  • Inch - Fat Loss
  • Body Firming & Toning * Especially after Liposuction or Surgeries
  • Arms –Thighs- Stomach Tightening * Due to Loss of elasticity & weight loss
  • Cellulite & Spot Reduction
  • Lymphatic Drainage – Water Retention
  • Breast Firming & Lifting

These revolutionary treatments offer the following benefits:

  • Encourages Inch Loss
  • Improves the appearance of cellulite & reduces the appearance of “orange peel” skin
  • Reduces fatty deposits / localized fat
  • Firms & Tones Muscles
  • Increases production of collagen and elastin
  • Improves overall body shape
  • Targets weight loss in problem areas
  • Tightens & Strengthens weak connective tissue
  • Increases the Metabolic Rate
  • Induces the lymph drainage to the body's purifying and detoxifying processes

Every program is personalized to your needs and thus requires a prior consultation with our experts.