BIO A+O.E. WATER is the champion of Professional Certified Organic Hair cosmetics.

Unlike the hair products that are usually sold at hair salons or department stores, characterized by formulations that include chemical ingredients that are aggressive for hair and for the environment, BIO A+O.E. treatments use only natural active ingredients.

BIO A+O.E. mission is to find the winning plant alternative to chemicals and provide performance superior to other organics as traditional and “natural” products.

—-­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Organic Philosophy

everything we eat or put on our bodies should be healthy and manufactured respecting the environment and all living creatures

Andrea Villani, founder

- In Italy, BIO A means
BIO ACQUA (organic water), the plant water obtained by distilling organic medicinal plants.

- O.E. means ESSENCE OIL (100% pure essence) also obtained by distilling organic medicinal plants.

Plant water and essence oil are extracted together and together represent 100% of the herb extract properties and are 100% effective.

—-­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Organic Treatments

Thanks to their formulation and excellence, the BIO A+O.E. treatments allow hair to breathe and grow, nourished by the quality plant substances contained in them. This results in a visible and tangible transformation of the hair fiber.

If you normally use chemical products that cover your hair with a chemical film consisting of silicon and petroleum products, 3 weeks of BIO A+O.E. treatment are required to notice the first benefits. This chemical film makes transpiration more difficult, preventing the absorption of BIO A+O.E.’s active plant ingredients making them less effective during the first week of use.

Once detoxed from chemicals, hair regains its natural shine and silkiness, increasing in volume and strength while being protected and appearing beautiful, ready to be styled according to a wide range of different moods. To ensure this health/glamour combination, the exclusive use of BIO A+O.E. treatment is essential.

*To obtain results only use BIO A+O.E. treatments for minimum of 3 weeks.

According to the type of hair and type of problems, the hair care products of BIO A+O.E. can be combined as a customised hair care programmes.

Nourishment for dry, frizzy hair

Nourishment for color-treated, damaged hair

Nourishment for oily scalp skin and dry hair

Nourishment for oily scalp skin and thin hair

07 Water along the entire strand
+ 91 Serum
+ 07 Shampoo
+ 07 Conditioner
+ 02 Water to the roots and along the entire strand
02 Water to the roots and along the entire strand
+ 91 Serum
+ 02 Shampoo
+ 00 Conditioner
+ 02 Water to the roots and along the entire strand
09 Water to the roots
+ 91 Serum
+ 09 Shampoo
+ 00 Conditioner
+ 02 Water along the entire strand
09 Water to the roots
+ 91 Serum
+ 09 Shampoo
+ 00 Conditioner
+ 01 Water along the entire strand

Organic Certification


  • Every single ingredient in our products has been tested and approved by ECOCERT, because deemed healthy for consumers and respectful of the environment
  • No “animal testing”.
  • No traces of genetically modified organisms
  • No hormone or pesticide is used in agricultural ingredient farming
  • No exposure to ionizing radiation during processing
  • Only packaging which does not contaminate the product is accepted
  • Water used in the cosmetics is checked
  • Products are periodically inspected, without notice, by the certifying authorities.
  • The organic plant fragrances are healthy, improve personal wellbeing and inner balance; lavender is calming and relaxing, rose provides a sensation of safety and spiritual harmony.

BIO A+O.E. WATER nourishes the hair cortex and scalp with mineral salts and vitamins with dual effects: hair cortex reconstruction and scalp nourishment.

BIO A+O.E. WATER coats hair with an invisible plant film that protects hair while letting it breathe.

BIO A+O.E. WATER boosts and strengthens shampoo and conditioner effects, providing a synergic and complementary effect.