SOS Sensitive Skin

SOS Sensitive Skin

When your skin is feeling itchy, irritated, dry and taut you are likely to be categorized under the skin type “SENSITIVE”. Your skin is punished with inflammation and redness all year round either with warm dry air or extremely cold winters. More than 50% of women and even men feel their skin is sensitive but accurately identifying the underlying reason can be tricky as there are many factors influencing it.

Unlike any other part of our body, our face is exposed to environmental influences every day through the changing seasons and with the fluctuation between warm and cold, a balanced skin undergoes a roller coaster ride. The epidermal layer of the skin gets impaired; Sebum production declines, causing dryness and tautness while losing its tolerance to normal skincare products.

The barrier function of the skin gets imbalanced and the skin gets more vulnerable to external irritants that come from environment (pollution, wind, climate) or from the daily use products (cleansers, creams, perfumes, makeup) that can penetrate and disrupt nerve endings and blood vessels causing eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or even coupérosé. Additionally, internal factors such as stress, improper sleep patterns, unhealthy diet, smoking, medication and certain health issues also have an impact on the skin.

For this reason it is important to strengthen the skin’s barrier function which will prevent foreign matter from the outside like bacteria, viruses or fungus, chemical ingredients and allergens to penetrate the body triggering allergies and irritation.

Rebalancing Care for Stressed, Hypersensitive Skin

  • Unlike other skin types, it is important to know that sensitive skin needs special care products that that have a high level of tolerability as they must not contain any parabens, fragrance, coloring agents or mineral oils. Using the right skin care products is very critical for sensitive skin.
  • Treat your skin professionally with effective dermatological treatments specially developed for sensitive, reddened and irritated skin.
  • Avoid any kind of mechanical peels or harsh exfoliating scrubs that will exaggerate the skin condition. Rather use products with active enzymes to remove the dead skin.
  • Sensitive skin needs lots of moisture. For this reason, restore the moisture content of the skin by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water and/or herbal tea.
  • Protect the skin from the harsh UV rays by using a sun protection cream generously and re-apply if you are outdoors.
  • Tap & Dab - Apply creams with a gentle touch instead of massaging it vigorously. The toner should be patted on the skin using cotton and not rubbed against the skin. While applying mask use a soft bristle mask brush. To rinse, use lukewarm moderate temperature.
  • Adapt the NO STRESS RULE. With the modern day hectic life and multi-tasking to ensure every job gets done either at home or at work, you are bound with get thin-skinned. It is in your hands to reduce your stress level. Try a 10 minute meditation to relax and calm your mind or engage in doing something that you enjoy.
  • Sensitive skin react to certain food by making you feel warm suddenly as if you were experiencing hot flashes and you turn red. Spicy food, coffee or black tea should be consumed in limit in order not to stress the skin.
  • Excessive sweating can also trigger the skin condition. If you sweat while working out, taking a walk or even cooking, do not rub your face harshly with a towel; instead gently dab the skin to get rid of the sweat. If possible flash your face with cold water. Also carry a facial mist spray and refresh your skin instantly, it will not only calm the skin but will hydrate back the moisture loss through the sweating.

Keep a watch out if your skin is sending you an “SOS”. Make sure to treat the condition at an early stage.

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